Mayor Nicole Somers

Nicole Somers was born in Saint-Quentin. In 1974, she married Louis Somers; the couple had two children, Jason and Debbie and two grandchildren. A career woman, she first studied in Saint-Quentin and continued her training at CCNB.

She has held public service positions for 18 years and has served on the Saint-Quentin City Council since 2005. In the 2012 municipal elections, she was appointed Deputy Mayor, and in May 2014 she was elected Mayor of the City. In addition to the internal committees attached to the City, she sits on many boards of local organizations.

Recognized as a dynamic and generous leader, Nicole is very involved in her community, particularly in terms of economic development, youth participation, maintenance, and growth of services to citizens in the region. She has taken part in many projects including recruiting the workforce in the region and welcoming and retaining newcomers.

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